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The general conditions of sale described below (hereinafter the "General Conditionsof Sale ") are intended to govern all contractual relations between TITANSECURITYDOORS.US and customers over 18 years of age with full capacitylegal (hereinafter "You") placing an order through the TITANSECURITYDOORS.US store,or VAD orders by telephone (hereinafter "TITANSECURITYDOORS").The General Conditions of Sale apply without restrictions or reservations to the wholefrom the TITANSECURITYDOORS product catalog.Placing an order through TITANSECURITYDOORS implies your acceptance withoutreserve of the General Conditions of Sale. To this end, You confirm that you acceptall the General Conditions of Sale when You place your order inVAD or in Store. We reserve the right to modify thethese General Conditions of Sale. We invite you to readattentive to the General Conditions of Sale for each new order. TheGeneral Conditions of Sale applicable will be those in force on the day of the awardof the order.The General Conditions of Sale are accessible at any time on the Site and prevailon any other version or any other contradictory document.The editor of this sales site is Titan Group International limited liability company registered in the Trade and Companies Register.For any information, particularly relating to the follow-up of your order, You are invitedto contact us:Either by phone at the Free number (free number) Either by email (for orders placed by internet only): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For any other request that does not concern the website or an order placed onour site, You are invited to contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.." style="color: #000000;">2. YOUR ORDER

The order of the products that You select (hereinafter the "Products") will be carried outaccording to the process described below.Your identification:You agree to provide Us with accurate and reliable information, allowing Usthus to fulfill all of our contractual obligations. Our responsibility does notcan not be engaged in the event that the information you have providedwould prove to be false or incomplete. In this context or in the event of payment defaultor any other irregularities during your order, We reserve the rightto cancel your order. We reserve the right to verify your identity in the event ofof doubts.You can simulate the price of your order on the open site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Final confirmation of your order by Quote or Invoice, if your order ispersonalized we will establish a quote or an invoice or commercial offer (thedocuments that do not need to be signed to be valid)The sales contract is concluded from the moment you ask an installerto come to your place take your odds or you have to adjust or try to adjust theorder or a deposit by credit card, bank transfer or check or any other method of payment.The legal withdrawal period of 14 days does not apply to Custom orders orpersonalized.The cancellation of the sale can only be done by the seller in this case.Your invoice will be sent to you by email within 15 days after full payment.Product availability:

The items are offered to You within the limits of available stocks. We also offer for the sale of products in stock in standard size as custom-made products orcan be personalized online Thus, in the event of total unavailability of the Product ordered, We undertake to inform You as soon as possible and will proceed toreimbursement of the Product (shipping costs included) within a maximum period of 30 days. InIn this case, We will cancel and refund your order. Independing on our stocks and as far as possible, an equivalent item can beoffers.



The prices indicated on the Site are indicated "Excluding Tax" (HT), Free of VAT.the prices indicated do not include shipping costs, unless otherwise indicated.We offer you access to information on non-marketed productsat TITANSECURITYDOORS.US, but accessible by internet. The price of products not sold inline are provided for information only.



You can pay for your purchases by: ACH, BTC and PAPER CHECK.



In order to guarantee maximum security when ordering, all payments bybank cards are secure. This system is based on proven techniques ofcryptography thus ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of exchanges. Thus, during theentering your bank details (card number, validity date, and code .......), thesefiles are automatically encrypted and sent in secure mode to the server, withoutgo through us.We send to the same server, always in secure mode, data specific toyour order (merchant number, transaction number, amount of theordered). The server performs a card check and an authorization requestfrom your bank using a private banking network.


6. DELIVERY OF YOUR ORDER General informations

By delivery we mean all the means at your disposal for the takingphysical possession of the Products ordered through the Site. Related specificitiesthe different delivery methods are detailed below.Deliveries cannot be made in USA and CANADA. Only packages that can be delivered by packagepostal (weight less than thirty kilograms (30 kg) and / or total dimensions less thanone meter fifty (1.50m) can be delivered to Islands and porto rico, alaska.Delivery will be made to the address You provided when placing theyour order.Delivery will take place within 10 working days for products in stock and within 4 to 8weeks (working days) for tailor-made or personalized products online. Thedeliveries cannot be made on weekends and holidays. Deadlinesdelivery run from the day after payment by credit card, underreservation of acceptance of the latter, or from receipt of the bank check orpostal or bank transfer.We are committed to implementing all the means necessary to respectof the delivery dates indicated. Also, in the event that We are informed of alate delivery, We undertake to notify You as soon as possible.If the delivery time exceeds thirty (30) working days, youhave the possibility to cancel your order unless this delay is due to a third party atcontract or a case of force majeure, by e-mail to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone. Your order will be refunded to you within amaximum of thirty (30) days following receipt of the email. If the deliveryintervened before your cancellation request was taken into account by ourservices, delivery is deemed to have been acquired and no return will be accepted.Please note that we do not assume any responsibility for deadlines.erroneous delivery given by the carrier, possible damage to the products during thetransport or other element relating to the delivery, the goods travel at your risk ifyou do not take out additional insurance with a value of 90 USD Minimum or 5% of the value of the goods.All possible delivery disputes are between you and the carrier, Our companyacting only as an intermediary for communication as needed with thecarrier, The choice of carrier will be made by the customer when placing theordered.Delivery ratesThe delivery costs are calculated according to the scale below:Delivery by carrierFor Products whose weight exceeds thirty (30) kilograms and / or whose dimensionsover one meter fifty (1.50m), delivery will be made through acarrier that we will have designated.Delivery means the deposit of the Product in front of your home or at the foot of yourbuilding. No handling operation (including delivery to the floor, ...) andinstallation will only be carried out by the carrier. You will therefore be in charge of the recovery,the storage and installation of the Products at your home.The independent carrier will contact You directly to arrange a date ofdelivery. It should be noted that this delivery will be made from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and10 p.m. and no specific time can be communicated, the appointment beingfixed for the day.Only the transporter is authorized to decide on the most suitable place for unloading. It isspecified that the delivery will be made at the property limit. No unloading inheight cannot be executed (on a slab for example).In the event that the actual configuration of the place of delivery would physically preventunloading the goods, the carrier reserves the right to cancel thedelivery. In this case, the delivery costs will remain your responsibility. It will be yoursto get closer to us by email at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone in order to set the new terms and costs of routing yourordered.In case of absence at the time of delivery, a calling card will be left in yourLetter box. You will then be invited to approach the carrier directly orfrom ourselves, or by email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone atfree number. The costs of this second delivery will be at your expense.The products of the following families may be affected by a delivery withcarrier :- Front door- Windows and blinds- Other Mensuaries



Upon receipt of your order and before the carrier's departure, you mustit is imperative to open the latter and check it, both in terms ofconcerns conformity and quantity of products. You will sign for this purpose adelivery or transport (if the product (s) arrive by carrier). You will be ablemake the necessary, detailed, legible reservations, as precise as possible in the event ofanomalies noted (breakages; damage; non-conformity: Product error, color and /or different dimensions; missing, etc.). In this case, you will have to refuse the deliveryof the package. You will confirm your reservations to us either through the form locatedin the "contact form" section, or by email to the addressnext This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., specifying the order number concerned.In the event of proven non-compliance and if accepts commercial take back your product, the new shipment of the products concerned will take place within thelimit of stock availability. Otherwise, we will cancel the product not available and its reimbursement.In the event of an accepted delivery that you consider to be non-compliant, astudy of your request will be made for which we thank you for contacting usa photograph of the product that you believe does not correspond to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Attention: In the absence of reserves or in the event of insufficient reserves, we reserve the right toright to refuse the return, exchange or refund of your products. Sinceyou will have signed the delivery slip, without specific reservation, the responsibilities of thecarrier and portemarket will be released for any damagecaused during delivery operations not covered by insuranceadditional charge. It is recalled that the mention "subject to unpacking" isdevoid of any legal scope and cannot release the customer from his duty of controlthe condition of the goods delivered. If the delivery man does not give you time to checkthe condition of the goods (quality and quantity), for whatever reason, it is necessaryIt is imperative to specify it on the transport slip and have the driver countersign.In the absence of specific reservations on the delivery slip, the goods will beconsidered as delivered compliant.If the delivery of the product (s) is carried out by our partner installers, orresellers at the same time or on the same day of installation, no delivery slipmandatory is not to be signed, the product (s) are therefore considered to comply with theorder without written reservations from the customer before the start of the installation work (once thebeginning of the installation work engaged no complaint will be admissible)If you order a sample of colors, we will deliver aproduced in accordance with your order. However, we inform you in advance that

is possible, due to the natural and living character of the wood, that the final appearance of the productbe qualified regardless of the fact of Titansecuritydoors. Sample orders arelimited to 3 samples maximum. In the case of an order greater than 3 samples of the same reference, we will be obliged to cancel the latter.Before using the Product for the first time or starting it up, We recommend that You expressly to carefully read the instructions and documents attached to theproducts. If necessary, we remind you of the importance of wearing safety equipment.personal protection when using the products. We will not be held toresponsible for damage resulting from use of products not in accordance withprescriptions provided for in the instructions and documents attached to the products.We put at your disposal the TELEPHONE ASSISTANCE service of Titansecuritydoors (Free number for the price of a local call, 5 days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., or by e-mail attechnical assistance, “contact” section. This service is able to provide you withall the information useful for the safe commissioning and use ofproducts purchased.


Procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal.In accordance with the regulations in force in USA for any purchase of a Product carried out on the Site or by Correspondence, You have a withdrawal period offourteen (14), from receipt of the goods Allowing You to canceltotally or partially your orders.This right of withdrawal applies only to products in stock, of standard size.(bespoke and personalized products are excluded)Please note that administration, postage and restocking costs of 25% of the amount including tax of theorder will be charged in the event of cancellation or withdrawal of your order, thereturn of your funds will be done within 14 working days.In order to facilitate the management of product returns and to ensure the transport ofProducts in the best conditions, the Products must be returned in their original condition.original packaging, accompanied by all accessories and instructions, be in goodstate, and accompanied by their invoice.If You wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, You are invited to contact Us,either by email to the following address or by phone at following number in order to notify Us of your wish to return yourtotally or partially ordered. We will provide you with a slipreturn address and will tell You the return address for the Products.In accordance with legal provisions, We undertake to reimburse Youall sums paid (shipping costs excluded shipping costs being at least150USD per order cost price for us or by default 2USD per kg and administrative costs of 60USD and restocking 25% of the sale price excluded), and this within the maximum period offourteen (14) working days from the collection of the products.In case of initial payment by credit card, You will be re-credited with the amountdirectly to your bank card.In the event of initial payment by postal or bank check or bank transfer, We willget closer to You in order to obtain communication of a bank identity statement. Thetransfer will then be made directly to your bank account.



If within 48 hours of placing an order with TitanSecurityDoors, you find on a French website, a strictly identical new product (same brand,
model, reference) and with equivalent service conditions (delivery, warranty, etc.) at a lower price, we promise to refund you twice the differenceexisting between the product and the competing product. Transport costs are not takeninto account as part of the reimbursement.The price is in USD, all taxes included (HT), excluding promotional offers, priceexclusive web and clearance offers. In addition, the date of availability of the product from the sitecompetitor must not be more than 10 days from that we offer.This possibility does not concern second-hand products, or products soldthrough an auction site, or advertisements from individuals, or offers extracted from aprice comparison.You should then send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view This email address isprotected against spambots. You must enable JavaScript forview. ">.biz, within 48 hours of purchase, your refund requestas well as the competing offer.After verifying compliance with the conditions set out above, We will proceed topayment of twice the difference between the Product and competing products within thirty (30) days of your request, either by sendinga bank or postal check, or by crediting your bank card.



The contractual guarantees grantedThe contractual guarantees relating to the Products, and their conditions of application, areset by the supplier of the Product. The contractual guarantees are therefore likelyto be different (duration, scope, etc.) depending on the Products, suppliers andbrands. You will find the details of these guarantees on the Product presentation sheet,attached to the Product, and specified on the user manual or any other documentaccompanying the Product.The warranty period begins to run from receipt of the products.In general, We inform you that are not covered by warrantycontractual offered by suppliers:- Malfunctions linked to improper use and / or lack of maintenance of theproduct.- Malfunctions related to normal wear and tear of the Products and the replacement ofaccessories, wear parts and consumables.- Degradation linked to the various shocks caused to the products.- In case of problems during the installation in co-ownership we are notresponsible for respecting the rules of co-ownership, it is up to the client to inform himself of the rulesof his building.- The warranty is not applicable to the installation of the product, the installation is a service notmandatory offered to our customers and subcontracted at cost price, or offered through ourpartners.Routine maintenance operations (oil changes, adjustments, sharpening, etc.) are not included in thewithin the framework of the contractual guarantee offered by the suppliers.Customer service A problem in the use or installation of your product? Our Assistance telephone is open 5 days a week from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. to provide you with all the advicenecessary for the implementation of your products at the Free numberIs your product defective or damaged? We provide after-sales service for ourproducts. You are invited to contact us, either by email at the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., either by phone, at the following number Free. We will then prepare afirst diagnosis (application or not of the contractual guarantee, breakdown, etc.).Subsequently, after-sales service can be carried out directly with ourresellers / distributors.It can also be done through a return of the Product within our services. Thissecond option will require a longer delay for the routing andproduct rerouting.As part of a return of a Product, and at the end of the diagnosis that We will have carried out,if the problem related to the Product is covered by the supplier's contractual guarantee, a return slip will be sent to you, allowing you to send us the product, free of charge.The repairs will then be carried out and the product will be returned to you, without yourbear no additional costs.However, if the warranty is not applicable, a repair estimate will be sent to You. Yesyou accept the quotation sent, You must inform us of your acceptance. The returnof the product will in this case be at your own expense.



Our responsibility, can not be engaged when you do not respect, in all orparty, the general conditions of sale, or in the event of an unforeseeable act of a third partyor in case of force majeure.In this case, we can exonerate ourselves from all or part of our liability by providing proof of non-performance or improper performance of these Conditions General Sales, either when it is attributable to You or, when it is doneunpredictable and insurmountable from a third party to the contract or following a case of forcemajor recognized as such by case law.



The delivered goods remain our property until full payment of their price.Failure to pay may result in claiming the goods.The transfer of ownership occurs when the product is shipped (if payment in cash) or whentime of full payment (if payment on credit)



There will be closure between December 24 and January 9, as well as from June 25 to July 15, moreevery official public holiday. During this period you can order onlineon the website, they will be processed on return.



Placing your order via implies that we collect yourpersonal data. We therefore invite you to consult the section "personal data "that we put online on ourSite.



The General Conditions of Sale are subject for all of their stipulation to theFrench law and more generally to the USA laws on the sale to individuals and professionals of standard and tailor-made products. All disputes relating tocommercial relationship between you and us are subject to the jurisdiction of jurisdictions of the Headquarters of the seller or the domicile of the customer according to the legislation in forceat the time of purchase.In the event of a dispute, an amicable solution will be sought beforehand. 



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