Cylinder Locks

Cylinders Locks

Many people wonder how much money you need to install the armored door locking mechanisms. To get started, determine how much you are willing to spend on the locking device.

If you buy a cheap cylinder, think, maybe it won't be easy to fracture. it is not necessary to buy the cylinder according to the cost, you should pay attention to the degree of protection against hacking. It should be noted that the few costly locking mechanisms can be replaced by inexpensive locks.

The most appropriate today is to use two locking mechanisms.

Experts advise installing two locks, and certainly different models. The locking mechanisms must be the lever and the cylinder.

According to the principle of the locking mechanisms are divided into lever and cylinder.

Cylinder lock system is an innovative product of modern technology, it appeared in the 20th century. Locks of this type are widely used because of their convenience and quick replacement. If necessary, change the locking mechanism is not a whole, but only part of the secret - the cylinder. This cylinder transmits the rotation of the key to the mechanism and a secret device that only works with a certain key. The Cylinder works on the principle of combining elements of cylindrical shape.

The lever mechanism is called strong because they used to use arches. It is the oldest type of lock in a simplified form used in the early locks.

At the heart of the lever system is a set of plates (cups), aligned in a precise position, under the action of the toothed wrench which allows you to open the locking mechanism.

If the lock provides protection against drilling and if levers are manufactured with great precision, opening this lock will be very difficult - almost impossible. The downside of such a system is a large key, and if the key is lost, the lock has to be changed at a cost.

It is impossible to say with certainty which of these systems is the best. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. According to experts, an ideal option for installing two locks of different types.


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