Door fittings

Door Fittings

The choice of the necessary material, depending on whether the door is used as an entrance door to the exterior or to the interior.

Armored steel doors are heavy. When subjected to high pressure the hinges are made of special high strength steel and are rated for use with approximately 80,000 openings / closings.

Hinges for armored doors should be particularly strong. Thanks to the anti-degondage protections inside our doors, attackers will not be able to remove the door from its hinges even by destroying the door hinges.

We recommend that you purchase a lock from a recognized manufacturer. On the one hand, they can be a little more
expensive, but, on the other hand, the buyer is guaranteed that the locks will not be easily compromised, and the housing will remain intact.

Now for the inner door. Here, too, there are special requirements. Keep in mind that interior doors not only separate the interior from the exterior, but also work as decoration. Therefore, the hinges and other hardware. A rich selection of accessories for interior doors allows you to choose such details that will suit the design of your home.

Armored steel entrance doors - reliable protection for your home / apartment

The issue of the security of your home / apartment is an important issue. One of the real opportunities for securing an apartment - installing an armored door set.

Our entrance doors are produced in Europe.

Our armored door sets have the advantage of being produced to measure, which avoids larger works which are an additional cost.

In which direction our armored door sets open - inward or outward - the steel doors open. This subtlety should be discussed with us, the important point being that the steel sheet is on the outside for the door to keep its efficiency.

An important point are the locks, they must have at least 3 bolts.

The modern front door must have another form of protection - soundproofing. At present, the sound insulation material is plastic foam, mineral wool. What's included for your door - discuss ahead of purchase. And leave your armored door always wide open to welcome your friends!


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