Door installation

install steel door

Any company that specializes in the manufacture and installation of metal doors knows that it is important not only to use quality materials to produce high quality door, but it is also important to do the correct installation of the product. It is important to understand the importance of the installation but also of the quality of the design of the door, because this is what makes it possible to avoid possible problems.

Before starting the installation, if you are doing the installation of doors by yourself, you should remember the following important points:

- Properly prepare the door, the door and the frame must be lower than your wall by only 2 cm maximum.

- Be aware of the weight of the door - you will not be able to lift it on your own, need an assistant.

- The door must be mounted on the outside of the opening.

- After installation, do a test.

- If you are installing door trim, you need to prepare the holes in the wall and in the frame. After making the holes you need to fix the metal door, so that there is no displacement of the block. The door is fixed on the block exactly fixed, and finally adjust the locks. To remove cavities and irregularities, which have been formed on the wall, use mounting foam. After the initial installation, it is not necessary for a while to touch the locks, the door must be adjusted, and the foam to harden. After fixing the gasket in the openings.

It should be remembered that the process of installing steel doors is very time consuming, so if you are not sure about your abilities, it is better to leave the assembly to the professionals. Qualified specialists produce work efficiently. Additionally, many companies that sell metal doors may offer installation.

If the steel door is not installed correctly, the level of safety and reliability will be an order of magnitude lower than that of a quality installation. When you buy a door from a recognized company, they will give you a guarantee of at least 5 years on the product.


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