How to choose your security door ?

How to choose your security door ?

How to choose your armored entrance door?

This question is perhaps raised by many buyers who come looking for the best option from the wide choice that the market has to offer. In this article, we'll help you save your time.

So the first thing I look at? Of course, the design of the door. After the armored door serves as a border with the outside world. To understand what determines the high level of aesthetics of the front door let's look at the basic criteria and what the door must provide:

Color, varnish or PVC film.

For the color here I think everyone will be able to decide, in other words, it's a matter of taste. But the varnish requires precautions. First of all it is necessary to know what type of varnish to apply, this is the reason why there are many varieties.


The quality of the accessories play one of the first roles in this set of your protection.


We recommend that you entrust the installation to professionals from our company or certified. I don't think you will be happy to find any irregularities after installation.

The following choice is the main point of the price of the armored door. Our company provides a wide range of prices - from Budget class to Prestige doors made to order. Please feel free to call the contact phone number and ask any questions needed. Our managers have a desire to help others and are of good will.

And finally, one of the important factors likely to influence your choice - it is the material of the door. Lots of low quality doors made from ordinary metal, and not resistant to break-in attempts. We advise you to make your choice among our different ranges of steel doors for all budgets at the best value for money on the market. To open an armored door block it takes several tens of minutes to several hours depending on the equipment of the burglar which allows you to escape a certain burglary with an ordinary door.

At the end of this article, we suggest that you compare the ranges before purchasing your armored door. Then buy the door set that best suits your situation.


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