imitation leather armored doors

Imitation Leather steel doors

When deciding to buy a new armored door, almost all buyers want to buy a cheap armored door. But at the same time, they have doubts about taking a cheap door, for the quality. There are doors that are worth the price. For example, an armored door, decorated with imitation leather. Previously, it was normal to leave the door raw. Years have passed and doors with trim are becoming popular again. In this article we look at the economy class armored door and the design of its vinyl leather.

In recent years, many consumers are increasingly choosing armored doors for the security they offer. They are often made in thickness, at least 1.5 mm, the quality of the sheet is important. The quality door has a robust metal construction, the quality is set up and the locks reliable. If you are sure you can start to run safely and garnish the door. The biggest success for economical doors is vinyl imitation leather.

The advantage of armored doors finished in vinyl leather is in the insulation they offer. Leatherette does not lose the heat of your home, but at the same time “breathes”. From an environmental point of view, it is a perfectly safe material. This finish can be done on both internal and external sides of the door.

Technology is changing, and there are more and more choices. Now you can find artificial skin made from various reptiles, crocodile or python, ostrich, and for many other types of leather. In addition, synthetic leather on the doors can simulate the texture of gravel, sand, stone powder, and play a variety of patterns and designs. The coatings can also be different: lacquered and matt, calm cut or metallic decorative solutions. Today, many companies operate at its manufacture in Russia, India and Europe,USA.

The vinyl color palette is wide and there are no limits. The colors are very different. Traditional color - warm, brown-red hue has also changed. Steel and marble color shimmering and monotonous. High-quality soft material for the door trim - is the perfect solution. You can use it to bring a variety of design ideas to life.


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