Maintenance and operation of doors

How to take care about front door. Maintenance and operations of doors

Metal doors - this is part of your home, and care is needed. If it is correct to use the door, their service life is significantly increased and does not require repair or paid service. Armored doors, when established by professional artists, during operation require minimal maintenance.

Door care:

1 Periodically check the surface of the door, locks, hinges, and other items.

2 Twice a year, lubricate all moving parts, cylinders, deadbolts, locks, hinges and other details. Suitable for lubricating machine oil or WD-40.

3 If necessary, clean the door frame and the wooden surface with special oil, then wipe with a dry cloth.

4. Never use chemicals for cleaning.

Washing the door is not recommended at temperatures below 5 degrees.

5 It is recommended to wipe with a soft cloth.

6 The fixing screws need a screwdriver to tighten every three months.

7 If there is any damage or defects during the operation, you should immediately contact customer service, the company where you bought the door, they will solve the problem under warranty.

When installing a steel door is prohibited:

1 exert strong pressure on the door handles, they may be damaged.

2 Apply chlorine, thinner, acetone, to finish the metal door did not lose color and turbidity.

3 Use only original parts.

4 Do not exert pressure on the construction for no reason.

During construction work you must respect the following rules:

1 Cover the door with a plastic sheet, also the locks

2 Protect the locking mechanism from dust and dirt.

3 After construction remove the plastic wrap and gently rinse with lukewarm water, the entire
dust on the door, then wipe with a microfiber cloth.


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