Forecast Budget

Forecast Budget

There are many models of armored doors. The manufacturers of this type of product are well aware that not everyone can afford to buy an armored door from Elite but everyone wants to feel safe.

Their main function is to stop the thief, who hopes that the owners do not put a high-quality door.

For budget armored doors the steel is 1.5 to 8 mm thick. They are made with innovative technologies. But in any case, even this type of door cannot be opened without special tools. And if the Budget door is of good quality then entering will be very difficult. Therefore, the main argument for choosing these doors is their cost. These doors are in the economy class, because buyers want to save money on their purchase. They represent the best value for money.

Budget armored doors look different. The exterior side of the door is usually covered with polyvinyl which is pleasing to the eye and to the touch. The Treatment stands out for its simplicity.

The purchase budget is between  USD 2000 and USD 5000 including VAT for PORTEMARKET armored door sets, installation is billed in addition to this price.


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