Strong door structure, strong door!

Strong door structure, Strong door !

To feel safe and be sure of the safety of their belongings, modern consumers are increasingly interested in acquiring armored doors to protect their personal belongings.

This is not surprising, because the armored door is almost impossible to break. Therefore, these doors are a solid guarantee for the safety of people and the safety of property. The buyer will not forget to choose his door according to the architectural design of his building and its interior design.

The door industry offers a rich set of armored door sets of various models and colors, so there is no problem in choosing the desired option.

One of the main criteria for selecting doors - operating conditions. Street doors in direct contact with the environment. Therefore these doors must be protected against corrosion and made of durable material that will be impact resistant. If the doors are made for apartment buildings, located on landings, they impose strict requirements.

Armored doors can be of different types and options. They can be made with thermal and sound insulation, can be decorated with different finishes. The doors can be produced on demand, with a structure and lock of high strength and security.

The material for the exterior finish of armored doors should usually match the architecture of the room. Most often used MDF (compressed wood), PVC plastic. Also can be added an anti-vandalism coating.

The finish also depends on the use of the door - interior or exterior doors. For exterior doors it is preferable to use an anti-vandal UV resistant coating. This coating is relatively inexpensive and provides effective protection.

Wood panels - more expensive. Finally, it is a finish that needs to be maintained.

The most commonly used finishes are pvc panels. They are inexpensive and look good and come in many colors. Plastic does not require maintenance, and does not suffer from the external environment.


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